Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Pull Off That First Visit

If you haven't already met the girl and/or her family the first visit will likely be awkward. Mainly it's awkward because you don't want to be awkward.

A few things to consider is that only 99% of conservative Dads exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Statistically speaking you aren't likely to get shot. Also, the little kids will probably make awkward comments about the relationship. This is great! At least it wasn't you who said it.

So a couple of fool proof ideas for pulling off the first visit

  • Get a couple of fake tattoos. Nothing screams manly and confident like some tattoos. Naturally these should be fake as you don't want to dump too much money down the drain until you know that this relationship will work out.
  • Pick the most inconvenient flight time. This shows that you actually do things or else you would have arrived at a different time.
  • Ask the Dad for permission to shake her hand upon your arrival. You don't want to take physical liberties without approval.

Overall don't stress the first visit, it will probably turn out worse than you ever imagined. Just don't even hurt those poor brain cells thinking about it. But with some careful thought and preparation you might manage to come back alive.

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