Thursday, May 30, 2013

Romantic Figs and Courtship Kindergarten

Well, in honor of it being exactly one year since we've last posted, here's a post to kick us off to another year of who-knows-what!
As an update, one of us isn't exactly an idiot regarding courtship anymore – I'll let you interpret what that means (Side note from the "one of us"... I think it might be courtship kindergarten... I haven't graduated yet). ;) As for me, I'm still happily ignorant, so here we go!

Top 10 Romantic Figs (Figs being the courtship version of dates)

  1. Take her and her sister (your chaperone) out in a leaky wooden boat in a mucky pond. Then when it starts to sink, you can be the hero, saving the damsels in distress from the icky pond
  2. Take her out to watch the big game.... in the TV section at Best Buy.
  3. Rent out a private magic show theater, and then volunteer her... FOR EVERY SINGLE MAGIC TRICK.
  4. Stuff your pockets full of quarters and take her for a ride in the cool kiddie cars in the grocery store. If you have leftover change from that, maybe the two of you could even split a package of frosted animal crackers from the vending machine!
  5. Take her to a concert by your favorite artist in your local park!.Just find an empty park bench, whip out your MP3 player, and share an earbud with her. Of course, since your chaperone should listen in too, you should try to find a set of earphones that includes three earbuds. Not sure where you'll find one of those, but hey, you're the one who was looking for ideas!
  6. Go to church with her. Afterward, take your Bible and read select passages from “Song of Solomon.” This will be sure to lead to an interesting discussion. “Did you just call me a goat?”
  7. Go out to eat. At McDonald's. And let her have your toy from your Happy Meal.
  8. All females like things that last, right? Take her to the craft supplies store and let her pick out a dozen of the fake flowers. You can even let her choose a bottle of her favorite air freshener and spray it on the flowers.
  9. Sweets for the sweet! Take her to the gumball and candy machines at the store's entrance and divide up a handful of quarters, and have at it!
  10. Have it her way. Tell her that since you care so much that she have a great time, she should choose where to go. Just... be sure to remind her of your budget. You wouldn't believe how fast all 10 bucks goes when you're having a simply amazing time with your love.