Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you in L-O-V-E?

For each of these that you have done add one

  • made reference to the person you may be in love with more than 5 times in a conversation
  • put said person in your status, more than once
  • set picture of said person as your cell phone or desktop background
  • written about said person in your journal/diary
  • been exceedingly happy when said person comes online
  • decided that said person's hair type/color is your favorite
  • have an endearing nickname for said person
  • think said person is cute
  • doubled the sugar in a recipe because life was sweet and you weren't paying attention
  • you assume that said person's name sounds good with your last name
  • if they are in your profile picture
Take away one if you have done any of these

  • Told the person to marry somebody else
  • Told the person that you view them as a brother/sister - take away two if you did not use the gender appropriate term (i.e. telling her you view her as a brother)
  • sent them unsigned Valentine's
  • referred to them negatively in a status
  • made references to them being a barnyard animal
  • said that you tripped them so that they would fall for you
Scoring is.... add in the first half, subtract in the second, multiply by ten. Then it's like a CLEP... if you got 50 or higher you are in love.


  1. Interesting lists there! How'd you come up with them?

    I am not in love at present - at least according to the above post ;-)

  2. So what happens if you don't have a "them" to compare to this list? If you score exactly 50 is it still passing?

  3. If you don't have a "them", open your address book, and pick a letter of the alphabet. Take the day of the month and subtract your age (if it's a negative number take the absolute value). Then look for the female nearest that number of spaces down in the letter you picked. That can be your "them" - if not for a serious evaluation, at least to practice/utilize the handy chart here.

    I think if you get a 50 you should probably study up a little more and/or take a few more practice tests - of course that's just me.


    That was all very clever...


    Right on TARGET. Please keep writing... You are so good for my mental health. =P

  6. I'm in l.o.v.e. (sun)(chuckle)