Thursday, May 19, 2011

Praying Together

What? Another important aspect of courtship, specifically a Christian courtship, is prayer.
Who? If a couple is in a courtship trying to determine God's will for them both, it's a really good idea to talk to Him.
Why? God should definitely be at the center of your courtship and relationship.
When? A good time would be when you're riding in a bus together toward the ocean, and the driver announces that the gas pedal is stuck to the floor, and the brakes have stopped working. There are other good times to pray (like whenever you are together, or maybe talking on the phone), but I would especially recommend it then.

Side Advantages: Okay guys, listen up (well.. chances are, you're taller than me, so listen down if you must). The man is called to be the Spiritual leader of his wife and household. So this is a good time to start preparing for that. But here's a little extra motivation for you.
This may be true for guys too, but as a girl I know that when I hear someone praying for me, they automatically receive anywhere from 10-2348739287438 awesomeness points in my book. So yeah! Just remember that if you create too many awesomeness point marks in her book, she might eventually run out of space. And her pencil might go dull. Of course, then you could buy her paper and offer to sharpen her pencils... but I think that's beside the point.
Heheheheh.... If you've already gotten her dad's permission for this... Praying with her is an AWESOME way to get to hold her hands!! Of course, if you're in the bus situation, she might be gripping her seat so hard that you'd decide that she'd cut off all circulation if she held your hand...