Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ideas on How to Break the Ice

  • Start out by bringing up the scores from the wrestling match on channel 6. It’ll help him know that you have a grasp on what’s truly important.

  • Duuhh... Break out your pack of cards and do a magic trick for him! Isn’t that what people always do to ‘break the ice’?

  • Be blunt about it. Arm yourself with an ice pick, and go to him and solemnly inform him that you have come to break the ice before you ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

  • Take careful notes on what his family does to get the best responses. Who knows? Maybe it’s just that one “How was your day, Honey?” that’ll launch you off into that all-important conversation.

  • Invite him over for lunch... Make the menu “Sauerkraut-cream cheese sandwiches to be eaten over the sink.” or something like that.. (beer isn’t suggested)

  • Show off your intelligence and wit by making up your own versions of Reagan and other quotes... Like, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I am a father and you need to speak with me before you have a chance at having my daughter.” “There is nothing to fear when you’ll just say ‘yes.’” “Don’t hurry - but be snappy.”

  • Flood him with memories. Go out on a drive with him and sing Barney songs the whole way. Don’t forget to try to get him to sing along. (note: you may want to alter or bypass the “I love you” song, or your chances may just be shot.) You could even sing the Elmo song and substitute your own name for ‘Elmo’.

  • Have breakfast with him, and have him make the toast. Then, compliment him on his toasting skills and express how you would love to have him deliver the toast at your wedding.

  • Suggest that you guys melt the ice rather than break it because you have a tender heart and don’t like to crush things. Don’t forget the blow dryer.

  • Ask him if his daughter is looking to upgrade her last name any time soon

  • Explain how the Lord has really been convicting you about certain verses like “a man should leave father and mother and cleave unto his wife”. And clearly state that you need to start applying these verses to your life.

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